Release Notes

django-disqus 0.5 (08-MAR-2015)

  • Python 3.4 support
  • Django 1.7 support
  • Improved unit tests

Thanks a lot to Alexey Kalinin, and also everyone else who submitted PR’s regarding the Django 1.7 support.

django-disqus 0.4.1 (19-APR-2011)

  • Fix installation on Windows (Bug #11)

django-disqus 0.4 (21-MAR-2011)

A huge thanks to Corey Oordt, who implemented the new templatetags and the WXR feed.

django-disqus 0.3.4 (30-OCT-2010)

  • Update the disqus_num_replies template tag to use the new JS code. This will make the site load faster, as loading isn’t blocked by the call to document.write. Thanks to Nick Fitzgerald.

django-disqus 0.3.3 (23-SEP-2010)

  • Update the disqus_show_comments template tag to use the new loader method. Thanks David Cramer for the patch.

django-disqus 0.3.2 (16-MAY-2010)

  • Added a -s/–state-file option to the disqus_export command. The state file saves the id of the last exported comment. This makes it possible to resume interrupted exports. Thanks Horst Gutmann for the patch.

django-disqus 0.3.1 (01-MAY-2010)

This is a bugfix release. The following changes were made:

  • Fixed a bug where the disqus_export command raised an error if non-ascii characters were used in the author name.
  • Added “async” attribute to DISQUS JavaScript tag. This loads the comments faster on browsers that support the html5 async tag (e.g. firefox).

django-disqus 0.3 (09-MAR-2010)

This release updates django-disqus to use the new DISQUS v1.1 API and cleans up the templatetags and management commands.

Management Commands

The following management commands were renamed:

  • disqus-dumpdata to disqus_dumpdata
  • disqus-export to disqus_export

The old names weren’t valid Python module identifiers. This lead to problems when trying to import them.

The disqus_dumpdata command has two new options:

  • filter: Type of entries (e.g. spam or killed) that should be returned
  • exclude: Type of entries that should be excluded from the response

For further information take a look at the documentation for the disqus_dumpdata command.

The disqus-export-threadedcomments command was removed from django-disqus because the upcoming django-threadedcomments release will rely on the comment extension hooks provided in Django 1.1. This means that the disqus_export command will work just fine when exporting threadedcomments.


The disqus_recent_comments templatetag was removed. If you want to use this or any other widget, go to the Tools section on the DISQUS website. There you can configure the widget and get the Javascript code that is necessary to display it on your website.

The parameters of the disqus_show_comments tag have changed. Previously you could pass the title, url, snippet and shortname. As of this release, it’s only possible to pass the shortname. If you want to change the Javascript variables that the DISQUS comment form uses, take a look at the Configure and override comment system behaviors page in the DISQUS wiki.